Sell your Fat to ID

The pound of flesh(fat), which I demand of him (her),

Is dearly bought; ’tis mine and I will have it. “

-          Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

For the first time in the fitness industry, it’s an absolute win-win situation. Identity weight loss clinic works with you to make you shed that extra pound and then reward you for it too! You lose weight and gain money.

We go beyond just claiming to have a genuine interest in your weight loss goals; we motivate you through actual monetary rewards. You earn Rs 500 for every kg you lose.

Our “fat bank” is getting fatter day by day. Come contribute to it, one kg at a time. In the process, contribute to your wallet too, Rs 500 at a time!

Identity fitness center has already bought FAT worth ~ Rs 15 lakhs! What are you waiting for? Here is your chance to donate it to. Get started now as lose weight and gain money is our mantra.